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Radio Barawe has been serving the City of Barawa or Brava and its surrounding areas for 2 years, providing a platform and a voice for those who need it most.

Radio Barawe was founded by young Bravanese youth, which addresses rural isolation and lack of education and contributes to public awareness and participation on issues of human rights and good governance in territories that are transitioning from the effects of conflict through community broadcasting.

The whole station is run by volunteers, including the management and the board of directors. Unfortunately, they need us more than ever and are struggling to pay our bills and keep the station facilities up to date, whilst keeping our broadcast services at a high level.

On 20th April 2020, the Barawa language was once again under attack; authorities in the autonomous region of the South West State of Somalia (Maamulka Konfur Galbeed) mandated a ban on Radio Barawe not to broadcast their shows and news in the Bravanese language.

This has caused a major political backlash from Bravanese communities in the country and diaspora, including politicians and intellectuals. As a result, the authorities were finally forced to rescind the ban, and Radio Barawa resumed normally.

As a result of Government policy such as the displacement of Nomadic Somalis into the Barawa Coast in 1974, this caused a culture shock and a threat to the language. Adding to that, political turmoil such as the Somali Civil war caused Bravanese to disperse all over the world; this resulted in the language being highly endangered in a short span of time.

Brent Henderson, a researcher from the University of Florida, conducted comprehensive research and documentation of the Barawa Language for three years. In his research, he highlighted the following quote: “Whatever the factors responsible for the stabilization of Chimwiini over the past six hundred years, the situation has changed drastically within the past forty years largely due to political manoeuvring by 1972 all government officials were required to speak and write Somali (The National Language of Somalia), and it was instituted in all public schools, including the schools in Brava.

Now THEY need us more than ever.

If we can not raise at least £2,000 this year, we’re unsure that they will continue broadcasting for another 1 year.


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