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Qurbani or Udhiya, means to sacrifice (slaughter) an animal. Every year Muslims sacrifice sheep, goats and cattle between the 10th and 12th days of Dhul Hijjah, the final month of the Islamic calendar. According to hadith it is a Sunnah of Ibrahim (as) and for every hair of the Qurbani animal you receive a reward from Allah (swt).

With the COVID-19 affecting vulnerable families all over the globe, this year your Qurbani is more important than ever before. For £46/$57 USD, provide your Qurbani in Somalia, where over 2 million people are at risk of starvation.

Somalis experienced their worst flash floods and drought in recent years. Crops were decimated, livestock was killed, and food prices skyrocketed. The results were devastating. Almost half of all livelihoods depend on agriculture in Somalia, and the United Nations reports that heavy rainfall in Somalia triggered a new wave of flooding, affecting more than 100,000 people, and causing at least 4 fatalities.

With the arrival of COVID-19, so many vulnerable families in Somalia are putting themselves at risk, forced to choose between going hungry, or going out to crowded places in search of work.

International Relief Foundation (IRF) has been doing this Qurbani program for the last 8 years. This year we will be delivering Qurbani meat to Somalia. We will ensure that the Qurbani is carried out on your behalf, distributed amongst those in need especially the Disabled, Orphans and Widows.  On average, each Qurbani you give will provide four kilograms of nutritious meat to 4-5 families.

Help us to fight drought and hunger this Eid. Follow in the footsteps of the prophets.

Give your Qurbani today.