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Ramadan Competition Ceremony

More than one hundred and fifty people attend this year’s Ramadan Knowledge Competition Awards Ceremony of Brava Schools, held at Brava, the capital city of Southwest State of Somalia: Hotel Balanbaalis, on 21st May. 

The ceremony saw certificates to some students and schools who received gifts in the Ramadan Knowledge Challenge competitions for schools. The competitors, managed by the Community Education Committee in conjunction District Education Officer.

The Deputy Minister of Interior and Local Governance of Southwest State of Somalia, his excellency Mahaad Mohamed Isse and his delegations who were visiting Brava also attended the ceremony.

International Relief Foundation (IRF) organization hosted the Competition during the holy month of Ramadan, intending to raise awareness through education and advance learning and skills. Attended by 49 representatives from 7 of Brava’s schools and was broadcasted on Radio Baraawe. As the first of its kind, the program inspired students to stay tuned in the radio, compete for prizes, learn from each other.

The program attracted the attention of fellow students at all primary and secondary schools closely followed this Competition because it directly affects them.

The Parents and Education stakeholders, including teachers, principals, government and organizations working in the education sector and the public, praised this program saw the first-hand experience of how the children could perform if they are given the right opportunity.

In the end, Deputy Minister awarded the winners with comments and encouragement. He thanked the winners, the organizing committee, the staff, and all the attendees.

This program is supported and funded by International Relief Foundation.