The key to a brighter future

Access to education is fundamental in the fight against poverty and is a key that solves countless opportunities. It is a way out of poverty, a driving force for social change and an important aspect of personal development and welfare. This is why it is at the heart of the work we do.

IRF believes that everyone has a right to basic education. But in many parts of the world children, cannot access education for one simple reason poverty.

However, education would help them escape poverty – by giving them the chance of a better job – and the impact of this would carry on down the generations.

The goal of every child being able to complete at least primary education has been enshrined in Millennium Development Goals 3. Yet, millions of children worldwide still do not have access to schools.

IRF runs education projects around the world. We have built up a global network of schools, each catering to the specific needs of the area they are serving.

This ranges from modest classrooms serving isolated communities that would otherwise not have access to schooling, to campuses serving large groups of poor and disadvantaged children. As well as establishing our own schools, we run a varied range of educational programmes in a number of different areas.

This gives those who may have missed out on educational opportunities or those who have specific educational needs, the support they require to progress in life.

Whether it is providing vocational training for young adults or supporting basic educations for children in Somalia, our work in education is all about providing opportunities that empower people to build a better future for themselves.

Free Education for Everyone

The Sharif Qulaten School located in Shingani District of Mogadishu Somalia.

Supported by IRF, was established in 2005 to address the alarmingly high number of  school age children out of education in the local area. 

In particular from the most disadvantaged communities, marginalising and orphanage, lack of accessing quality primary education to support and improve the levels of education who are deprived of a normal family environment and who had also been affected by the on-going civil war and tribal conflicts in Somalia.


All – Inclusive Approach

Nutritious meals keep children alert and ready for their lessons and transport delivers them from remote communities to school.

 The provision of school bags, uniforms and equipment means that school expenses are not an obstacle to education and a safe, clean environment is ideal for learning and playing.

Benefitting the Community

We believe that our work should benefit the wider community as a whole.

As well as providing the highest standard of training for our own teachers, we also share our expertise with other local schools, thus raising the educational standards of the whole area.