Emergency Relief

War, Floods, Earthquakes, Drought and Famine claim millions of lives worldwide every year. 

Reaching everyone in emergencies

War, floods, earthquakes, drought and famine claim millions of lives worldwide every year. Those who survive are often uprooted and forced to seek temporary shelter without access to clean water, adequate sanitation, or food.

The humanitarian crisis in Somalia is one of the most longstanding emergencies in the world. Conflict, insecurity, drought, floods and famine have defined Somalia for more than two decades now.

The chaos and insecurity of war threaten or destroy access to food, shelter, social support, and health care, resulting in increased vulnerability in communities, especially for children.


We dispatch emergency supplies and deliver life-saving services on the ground, providing Somali people affected by emergencies with access to water, sanitation, nutrition, education, health and protection services.

Being there when it matters is important to us. This is why we are proud to have responded to the worst drought crisis to hit Somalia in 2012 by sending containers of humanitarian aids. 

Providing a lifeline in times of crisis