Our History

Serving Humanity, Saving Lives and Rebuilding Communities.

International Relief Foundation (IRF) is a registered charitable organisation in the United Kingdom established in 2011 and working for social good in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Our primary aim is to provide relief and assistance to people in need in any part of the world and supporting individuals and communities suffering from prolonged periods of violence, war and catastrophe.

It was founded in response to a devastating drought and widespread famine in Somalia that killed 260,000 people and affected more than 13 million people across the Horn of Africa.

IRF responds to emergencies such as drought and famine and also to poverty in its various forms we could face in Somalia.

We have a presence in parts of the country and we help the disadvantaged, marginalized, minorities and the most vulnerable people access basic services, including education, healthcare, and livelihood. We empower people in poverty to live with dignity, self-reliance and hope.

IRF’s work focused until now on the following areas:


IRF provides food supplies for displaced people in Mogadishu, Brava, Marka and Baidoa (South Somalia)

Emergency Relief

IRF has deployed emergency assistance to flood and drought affected IDPs (Internally Displaced People) by providing them with tents, mosquito nets and blankets.


IRF supported some schools in Mogadishu and facilitated access to schools for poor children in Brava.


IRF implemented the reconstruction of a Marka and Brava general hospitals funded by Caritas Somalia in Brava and Marka and facilitated the distribution of food, medicines, nutritions and sanitary equipment to needy people in Mogadishu and Baidoa.


Through income-generating programs, IRF and its partners help local communities in South Somalia develop projects to improve agriculture.

Since the 2011s, we have supported most vulnerable communities, including refugees and internally displaced persons across Somalia, through humanitarian response activities such as food aid, shelter, education, healthcare and clean water. We did projects favouring those displaced by conflicts and drought in some of the many camps in Mogadishu. These projects included food and NFI distribution such as blankets, shelter (tarpaulin), and mosquito nets. We also established a health centre. We have also reached many people affected by drought, famine and armed conflict. Areas of intervention include IDP camps in Mogadishu, Afgoye Jowhar and the rest of the Southern regions and closed villages, including Baidoa, Berdaalle, Brava, Marka and rural villages along Shabelle River.

We have become a beacon organization among many Somalis, many of whom feel that the Somali authorities and international community have widely forgotten them.

We are proud to be one of the few charities that have established a team directly within southern Somalia, an inaccessible territory for many. We work year-round to assist the most vulnerable communities within the area.

Since our beginning, we have endeavoured to reach as many underprivileged and vulnerable people as possible. As the state of the world sadly worsened, we responded by reaching out and offering relief during the most challenging emergencies.

Today, we continue our life-saving work to improve the quality of life of some of the most abandoned nations in the world.

We constantly seek to explore new countries to extend our relief efforts and maximize our assistance. We hope the alleviate as much needless suffering in the world as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is poverty alleviation among vulnerable members globally and to develop healthy and sustainable communities and achieve lasting improvement in the quality of life of all people.

Our Vision

It envisions a world in which every man, woman and child can enjoy an empowered life with security, dignity and equal opportunities. The basic requirements of all people are fulfilled.

Our Work

Our projects range from emergency disaster relief to clean water, emergency medical aid, nutrition, education, healthcare and livelihood services, and more.

We have accomplished so much thanks to our generous donors helping millions of needy people worldwide in the last ten years. We are proud to share some of these achievements with you.