Good health is the most important aspect of our lives.

Our Approach to Health Care

Healthcare is a fundamental human right; however, millions worldwide lack access to even the most basic treatments.

With your support, we operate many health projects in vulnerable communities worldwide that save lives every day. Your donations help build health units, provide life-changing surgeries, and provide emergency medical aid in times of crisis.

In Somalia, where the numbers of birth and pregnancy-related deaths are high, we run a maternal health clinic and train community workers. We have helped thousands of people suffering across Somalia, and with your continued support, we can further our work to provide vital medical care to those in need.

We run health clinics in Somalia, which have some of the worst infant and mortality rates in the world. These clinics offer ante-natal and post-natal care, including medical check-ups, prescribing medicine and supplements and running vaccination and nutrition programmes.

Your support allows us to keep the clinic fully resourced, train our staff regularly and run lab examinations, which has made a difference.

Some of Our Health Projects