Medical Equipments Donations to Mogadishu Hospital

International Relief Foundation (IRF) has donated hospital furniture and medical equipment to Forlanini General Hospital also known as (Lazaretti Hospital), located in Abdi Aziz district north Mogadishu it was one of the largest and is the only mental hospital in Mogadishu and plays an extremely important role for the community in this City of conflict. These were donated by Companions of the Order of Malta.

The donation was presided over by Rt Hon Sharif Mohamed Said, an important member of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, and the founder of International Relief Foundation.

The Director of the Forlanini Hospital, Drs. Fadumo Abdi Ma’ow, warmly appreciated the donation while also highlighting the necessity for more equipment to meet the needs of the local population.

Nutrition Packets for Starving children in Somalia

With donor support, International Relief Foundation (IRF) is reaching the hardest hit villages and providing starving children with a 3 month supply of nutritional packets.

Filled with a peanut-butter like paste, each packet gives a malnourished child the nutrition and vitamins they need to survive.

The aim of the project was to respond drought affected areas in the south of Somalia and to combat malnutrition among the children by distributing emergency F75 & F100 food nutrition relief to those malnourished children in Mogadishu and parts of southwest Somalia.


Somalia is being devastated by a long-lasting and severe drought. A lack of rain has caused crops to decline and farming animals to die. Weak and vulnerable, children are not getting the nutrition they need to stay alive. Sick and hungry, children are beyond the need of a meal. They need emergency nutrition.


Nutriset packets provide a nutritional boost to a malnourished child. Taken daily for 3 months, these packets restore a child’s battered immune system, strengthening them and giving them every chance of making a full recovery.

Filled with a peanut-like paste, the packets contain all the daily nutrients and vitamins a starving child needs. Nutriset packets are the most practical and affordable solution to a massive food crisis in Somalia.

Long-Term Impact

With full bellies, children are not only healthier and happier, but they are also able to learn faster and enjoy life to the fullest. Even in the midst of a drought, a donor can ensure a child is nourished and fed, removing a huge worry for parents who are trying to rebuild their lives, plant crops, and raise healthy animals.

This of course has a ripple effect on the community as families become healthier and are at less risk of losing their children to hunger.

IRF has delivered 1000 blankets to deprived communities in Mogadishu

International Relief Foundation has delivered 1000 blankets to deprived communities in Somalia. The blankets were originally donated by British Airways (BA) to Blankets 4 Africa (B4A). The founder of B4A, Daria Von Weyhausen kindly offered our Somalia project.

This donation was divided and distributed to the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and an orphanage in Mogadishu (Banadir Region) and Baidoa Hospital (Bay Region) Somalia.

Both communities expressed their appreciation for this donation, which will greatly help the beneficiaries to cope with the hardships they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Our sincere thanks to the Order of Malta, and everybody involved in the generous donation.

Food distribution for vulnerable children in Somalia

The aim of the project was to respond drought affected areas in the south of Somalia and to combat malnutrition among the children by distributing emergency food nutrition relief to those malnourished children in Mogadishu and parts of southwest Somalia.

The project was funded by IRF. The project objective is the provision of basic food needs, in this case milk and Biscuits, to be distributed to children of different ethnic groups, aged between birth and 5 years, living in refugee camps for displaced persons in the area of Mogadishu.

The beneficiaries were 260 families, with 858 vulnerable identified as those who are in special situations of poverty and malnutrition, in 11 IDP camps in Mogadishu.

The emergency food distributions comprised rations that contained 143 Cartoon of powdered milk (12 cans of 900 gr. / Box) and 143 cartons of biscuits (1 carton of 24 packs).

Over the past 12 months, the IRF activities in Somalia have been dominated by providing the emergency assistance required by the major drought-induced food insecurity and by the needs of those who have suffered the famine.

The emergency food distributions for children in the IDP camps, launched in response to the crisis that started in 2011 as a result of the drought and conflict,

distribution of non food items for IDP families in Mogadishu 2012

The International Relief Foundation (IRF) has distributed of non food items (NFIs), including the following materials: tarpaulin (for shelter), blankets, and treated mosquito nets for the people affected by drought, conflict, hunger during and extreme climate conditions.

The programme, which delivered emergency aid funded by CARITAS Somalia and implemented by IRF , helped 28,00 of the most vulnerable people in Mogadishu Somalia.

It targeted mostly displaced women, children and older people in the Sharif Abbow, Iftiin, Odwen, Alow Sahal IDPs camps and the former UNICEF field.

IRF was amongst the first organisations that took initiative in helping the drought-affected Somali people who immigrated from home towns and villages to become refugees at the IDP camps in Mogadishu.