Ramadan Education Challenge Competitions for schools in Somalia

International Relief Foundation (IRF) hosted an education challenge competition for schools in Somalia during the holy month of Ramadan. Intend to raise awareness through education and advanced learning and skills. Attended by 49 students representing 7 of Brava’s schools and was broadcast live on Radio Barawa.

More than 150 people attended the education competition Awards ceremony, including parents, caregivers, community leaders and government officials. Held at Hotel Balanbaalis, in Brava, the capital city of South West State of Somalia, on 21st May. 

As the first of its kind, the program inspired and attracted the attention of fellow students to stay tuned to the radio.

The local community praised the education competition and saw the first-hand experience of how the children could perform if given the right opportunity.

The Deputy Minister of Interior and Local Governance of Southwest State of Somalia. His excellency Mahaad Mohamed Isse and his delegations visiting Brava also attended the ceremony.

The ceremony saw certificates to some students and schools who received gifts in the Ramadan education challenge competition for schools.

In the end, Deputy Minister awarded the winners with certificates and gifts. He thanked the organizing committee, the staff, and the attendees.

Why Brava?

Brava, also known as (Baraawe), is an old Sea Port Town in the Lower Shebelle Region of Southern Somalia. And the capital city of Southwest State of Somalia. According to the district authorities, the estimated population is 61,282 (43,000 inhabitants and 23,700 IDPs).

The Braveness communities belong to the ethnic minority with a distinctive Bantu language. They are the most marginalized communities in Somalia who have not rightfully received the attention needed. It was evident that Brava was the centre of immediate need since very little aid reached the area. Particularly devastating in education, where an entire generation has lost out on one of the most precious childhood opportunities.

The right to education is not entirely performed for school-age children living in conflict-affected and fragile areas of Brava District. Brava has experienced a series of changes of power and rule since the fall of the Central government in 1991.

International Relief Foundation (IRF) has been working in Somalia since 2011, delivering lifesaving and humanitarian projects, including food aid, education, healthcare, clean water and livelihoods.

We are already helping those affected by famine, floods, and armed conflict. Areas of intervention include IDP camps in Mogadishu, Afgoye and the rest of the closed villages and the towns of Baidoa, Bakool, Berdaalle, Brava, Marka and rural villages along the Shabelle River of the Southwest region.

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